Cycle through old Europe: Prague to Vienna, Family option or UNESCO option.

  • Choose to do it in 9 or 12 days
  • Level 1/3 - Available All Year
  • Prague (Czech Republic) to Vienna (Austria)
  • Daily Luggage Transfer Included
  • Choose to do it in 9 or 12 days
  • Level 1/3 - Available All Year
  • Prague (Czech Republic) to Vienna (Austria)
  • Daily Luggage Transfer Included
  • Touring or Hybrid BikeThe route is almost entirely on a greenway (gravel track).
  • Self-guided. Travel at your own pace and at your own rhythm. We will give you everything you need to pedal from one lodging to the next with ease.

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Any doubts concerning the trip?

Details of the old Europe bike trip

We propose a fantastic route between two of Europe’s most important capitals that once housed two kingdoms: from Prague to Vienna by bike. You can choose between two trips: a route designed for families with children, and another monumental route that passes through several UNESCO sites. 

No one expects to find medieval towns, magnificent churches, fairytale castles and one of the most beautiful squares in Europe in this Central European nation. It’s in the beautiful Moravian town of Telč, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

If you go with children, they will love the family route with gentle but very interesting bike rides through South Bohemia. It shares trails with ancient castles and you can do other activities apart from cycling, such as canoeing or rafting, the little ones will love it.

Family option: Prague to Vienna with kids

Day 1: Arrival at Prague

Today, after your arrival, this adventure will begin in the medieval town of Bergerac.

We hope you will have time to stroll around the city, on the banks of the Dordogne River, and discover the most special corners of its streets that are so dear to its inhabitants.

Day 2: Prague – Tabor Rafting

The day begins with a trip to the Sázava River where we will venture into an incredible experience on the river, an easy paddling with areas suitable for swimming (choose the day before between rafting or canoeing).

In this area we will find numerous cabins, castles in ruins …. At the end of the trip we will return by train to Tábor; one of the most picturesque towns in the Czech Republic. It was founded by the Hussites in 1420, named after the biblical mountain of Thabor of Nazareth.

We will take a short walk through this medieval town to conclude our day.

Day 3:Tábor – Jindrichuv Hradec 52 km

After breakfast, why not take a last stroll along the ramparts surrounding the city? Or how about a sweet touch to the day before getting on our bikes? The chocolate museum is great for kids and adults alike! If you feel like it you can make your own marzipan figures in their artisan workshop.

It’s time to get on our bikes and head into the South Bohemian region. We will find the Červená Lhota, a most romantic castle and finally we will visit the town of Jindrichuv Hradec, the third largest palace complex in the entire Czech Republic. It has a Renaissance palace, its most important monument.

Day 4: Jindrichuv Hradec – Telc 45 km

Our journey from Prague to Vienna by bike is progressing. We say goodbye to South Bohemia and head to the highlands of Bohemian-Moravia.

A visit to the town of Telc will be the highlight of the day, ranked as the most beautiful renaissance town in Europe, we will cycle for 45 km on hilly terrain passing ponds and lakes.

We arrive in Strmilov, here we will have the opportunity to visit the artistic weaving factory and learn about its manufacturing process.

Day 5: Telc – Vranov nad Dyji Viaje en barco y actividad con cuerdas

The day begins with a transfer by car, in just one hour we will arrive at the lake Vranov on the Dyje river located in Vranov nad Dyji.

We will take a boat ride around the lake enjoying all the nature that surrounds us without forgetting its castles Bítov and Cornstejn. We will get off the boat and have the opportunity to visit the castle and discover how the knights and princes lived in the Middle Ages, the little ones will love it!

We will get back on our bikes and ride about 2 or 3 km to Vranov, where our hotel is located.

In the afternoon, we will have a fun activity with ropes, don’t miss it!

Day 6: Vranov nad Dyji – Znojmo 46 km

Today it’s time to explore the Podyji National Park in southwestern Moravia. A region full of lush forests with an extraordinary landscape that makes perfect for bike rides. From the ruins of Novy Hradek, as well as from the viewpoint over the majestic medieval castle of Hardegg, we can see where the Dyje River winds its way through the countryside creating unforgettable meanders.

The bike path will take us along the borders of the National Park, where no car traffic is allowed so there is no problem. As you descend to the Dyje River through the Šobes vineyard, how about pausing for a glass of white wine – this place was marked as one of the top 10 vineyards in the world!

Next stop will be in Šatov, here we can see a very well preserved Cold War fortification, vineyards, wine caves…. We will finish the day in the Premsyslid dynasty town of Moravi, in the town of Znojmo.

Day 7: Znojmo – Mikulov 2 options: Hiking (13 km) or biking (68 km).

Today, after breakfast you will leave for Montignac, where you can visit one of its beautiful and intriguing caves and caverns to discover the ancient cave paintings.

The Lascaux Cave, without a doubt a different option that will take you back in time!

On the way, you will have the opportunity to visit the prehistoric capital of the world, Les Eyzies. We hope you will have time to visit the National Museum of prehistory.

Today you will rest in Montignac, bed and breakfast.

Day 8: Mikulov – Lednice (Jardines) 18 km

Today we prepare to explore the UNESCO-protected Lednice-Valtice area. The castle with its huge garden is one of the most beautiful complexes in the Czech Republic. We will be able to visit the area, which combines native and exotic natural elements to create a unique atmosphere.

Cycling is the recommended way to visit it, so we will fully enjoy this experience in a relaxed way. Are you enjoying the trip from Prague to Vienna by bike?

Day 9: Lednice – Mistelbach – Vienna 55 km and end of the trip

Today is the last day of the trip through the Czech Republic, we will cross the iron curtain, we will pass through the Villa Herrnbaumgarten, famous for its poetic museum of nonsense to the wine museum in Poysdorf.

Later we will pass through Wilfersdorf, a castle that was the residence of the Prince of Lichtenstein between the 17th and 18th centuries.

Our day ends in Mistelbach, we will travel by train or car to Vienna. There is the possibility to go to the Austrian capital by bike following the Eurovelo/9 bike path, it will be about 70 km.


Bike tour from Prague to Vienna along the UNESCO route

Day 1: Arrival at Prague

We arrive in the capital city of Prague. We will check in at the hotel and go straight to explore the city by ourselves. Cycling or walking through the streets of the Golden City will make you fall in love with it completely. You can’t miss the opportunity to finish the visit with a glass of local beer.

Take a rest and get your strength back – your Prague to Vienna cycling tour has only just begun.

Day 2: Prague – Nymburk 63 km

It’s time to get on our bikes. We say goodbye to the beautiful city of Prague and head towards central Bohemia.

Northeast of the capital we meet the town of Polabí, territory of cycle tourists with a flat territory until we reach Čelákovice. Later we will go to Přerov nad Labem and we can go to its open-air museum. Its main attraction.

Last stop, the medieval walls of Nymburk are worth a visit. Time to rest.

Day 3: Nymburk – Kutna Hora 42 km

Today we start and set off in the direction of the cities of: Poděbrady, Kolín and to our star destination of the day, Kutná Hora. The silver city belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage List and no wonder. Its gothic church will leave you speechless. Fill yourself with history and enjoy this beautiful city.

Day 4: Kutna Hora – Pardubice 56 km

We cannot say goodbye to this city without first visiting the Sedlec Ossuary. A chapel decorated with human bones and skeletons. We assure you that it will not leave you indifferent.

Do you like horses? Meet the royal stables of Kladruby Nad Labem, one of the oldest and most famous stud farms in the world. A real experience.

Finish this fantastic day tasting its delicious gingerbread. Pardubice is the Czech capital of the famous dessert, there will be no better place.

Day 5: Pardubice – Litomysl 62 km

A day of hills and slopes will be rewarded by climbing a small mountain and glimpsing the beautiful castle of Kunětická Hora, a real hidden treasure. If you like golf, you are in luck, there is an 18-hole professional golf course right here.

You will pass through an almost uninhabited but charming village, but our real destination will leave you speechless. The town of Litomyšl keeps a monumental castle from 1500, the square and its renaissance and baroque style houses make it a very special and particular destination. You will not stop taking pictures!

Rest and sleep in this beautiful city while you continue to discover its secrets.

Day 6: Litomysl – Moravska Trebova 44 km

We say goodbye to the beautiful Bohemian lands and cross between the mountains of Moravia and the Eagle Mountains. We will find a tiny but history-laden town, the town of Svitavy; birthplace of Oskar Schindler whose life and story is well known from Steven Spielberg’s film Schindler’s List.

Our last stop is Moravská Třebová, time to rest and recharge our batteries.

Day 7: Moravska Trebova – Olomouc 68 km

Get to know the nature of the area, continue along the border between Bohemia and Moravia, meet along the way great castles that are now only ruins, all but one. Bouzouv Castle is an imposing castle dating from 1300 and the scene of many medieval-themed films. You will love to visit one of the most romantic castles in the country.

Ride your bike down the Morava River that will accompany us throughout the day. To get to Oloumoc, (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO) famous for its crafts and culture. You can take a train and get there faster or if you prefer, enjoy the way on your bike until you arrive.

We will walk along quiet trails until we reach Mikulov, it will not leave us indifferent as it is a real gem that you did not expect to find.

Day 8: Olomouc – Kroměříž 45 km

It will be a simple day, full of visits and many things to explore. The monuments that the city of Olomouc offers us such as the Holy Trinity column or the astrological clock are some of the small treasures that we will be able to find.

It is now time to head south and we reach Kroměříž, famous for its archbishop’s palace. If you know the movie Amadeus, you will recognize some of its scenery as many sequences were shot here.

Next to the palace is the Lustgarten (garden of delights) belongs to the UNESCO Heritage list. A real marvel.

Day 9: Kroměříž – Strážnice 63 km

If you prefer some hills, you can cycle through the nature reserve of the Chřiby Highlands. You will be rewarded with its nature, the mighty Buchlov castle with a beautiful view of the countryside.

Today we offer you two options to choose your day’s route.

One option will be pedaling on a cycling route, made especially for sports lovers along the Baťa canal and crosses the towns Kroměříž and Hodonín. A most tempting route and a wealth of tourist attractions.

Another option will be to tour the Chřiby Nature Park, part of the Moravian Carpathian Mountains.

In both options you will arrive at the same destination; Strážnice and enjoy the grand Milotice Palace. A treat for the eyes – are you enjoying the trip from Prague to Vienna by bike?

Day 10: Strážnice – Lednice/Valtice 65 km

After breakfast we set off to cross the Czech-Slovak border. First stop is the Slovácko region, full of traditions and folklore. Don’t forget to visit the wineries in Petrov, their product is delicious.

If you still want more we advise you to pass the border with Slovakia and visit the towns Skalica and Holič.

Mikulčice is within our route, they call it the city of 1000 years thanks to its great archaeological temple. Pure Moravian history. The day ends in Lednice – Valtice whose terrain is the largest man-made. A cyclist’s dream, suitable for all levels. It is listed as one of the greatest pearls of UNESCO.

Day 11: Lednice-Valtice Complex – Mistelbach 51 km

We have arrived in Austria! You will pass through Herrnbaumgarten, where you will find one of the most famous and touristic museums in Europe that attracts thousands of visitors. The museum of nonsense, it exhibits pieces created for a useless use of them. Classified as one of the most bizarre museums in the world.

If you want you can visit the Wilfersdorf Palace, the former royal residence of the Liechtenstein family.

If you want to get to Vienna you can take a train in Mistelsbach and start enjoying the capital or otherwise you have the option to travel by bicycle along the Eurovelo route n.o. 9. 95 kilometers full of history, it will be a great experience!

Day 12: Mistelbach – Vienna 67 km

Today is our last day of the tour. We will cycle along the EuroVelo route no. 6. 6, here you will enjoy pure nature with the windmills in the background. Beautiful.

It’s time to enjoy the music capital of the world. Visit the Opera House or the Belvedere Palace. Don’t forget to try its most emblematic dishes. We hope you enjoyed the trip from Prague to Vienna by bike!

Price includes:

  • 11 or 9 nights accommodation with breakfast (depending on the option chosen).
  • Preliminary meeting at the client’s hotel on the first day of the tour.
  • Luggage transfer between accommodations (1 piece of luggage / Pax)
  • Detailed maps of the route with altitude, places of interest and local tips
  • Transfers marked on the itinerary
  • Telephone assistance 09:00 – 18:oo


Optional services not included:

  • Extra nights in hotel (please consult)
  • Traditional or electric bicycle rental (please consult)
  • Lunches and dinners (please consult)
  • Travel and health insurance (please consult)
  • Transfer from hotel and airport on the first and last day.
  • Complementary activities not indicated

What is it like to do the family option bike trip

If you fancy a route designed to take in several of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites between Prague and Vienna, choose the longer option. The route runs between the valleys of the Elbe and Morava rivers, which is mostly flat terrain. Discover the secrets of a journey full of history, impressive castles, magnificent gastronomy and nature trails. Get on your bike and ride through the most outstanding cities: Kutná Horá, Olomouc, Litomyšl, Kroměříž, Lednice-Valtice declared World Heritage Sites.

  • Jindřichův Hradec
  • Chocolate Museum
  • Červená Lhota Castle (South Bohemian Region)
  • Lake Vranov
  • Šobes vineyard
  • Telc
  • Sázava River
  • Telc (Bohemian Moravia)
  • Podyji National Park
  • Palava Park. UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

What is it like to do the UNESCO bike trip

  • Unique monuments full of history (UNESCO)
  • Chocolate museum
  • Great variety of museums
  • Spectacular castles and palaces
  • EuroVelo 6 and 9
  • Gastronomy and culture

Usual accommodations
The accommodations for this trip have been selected for their quality and location, as close as possible to the route. Always valuing the comfort when arriving with the bike and inspected by our team. They are 3-4 star hotels and rural tourism accommodations, always in private rooms with bathroom and good food!

I am only one person, can I still book?

Yes, you can book as a single traveler.

Is it possible to rent a bike?

Yes, this trip can be done with either your bike or ours. You can choose it during the booking process, hybrid or electric mountain bikes are available.

Is the daily luggage transfer between accommodations included?

Yes, every day we will take your luggage to the next hotel. You only have to leave it at the reception desk, and we will take care of everything. Normally it will already be at the hotel when you arrive.

Is it possible to cancel?

We want to be as flexible as possible. Therefore, in case of unforeseen circumstances, we will do our best to change the dates of the trip free of charge so that you can travel within the same year, as long as you let us know at least 3 weeks in advance.

And if your plans change and you want to cancel the trip before the start date, the following handling fees will apply:

– with more than 30 days, the management fees will be 20% of the amount of the trip.

– between 30 and 15 days, the handling fee will be 50% of the amount of the trip.

– with less than 14 days, the amount to be paid will be 100% of the amount of the trip.

In order to have more flexibility, we recommend taking out travel, assistance, CR and cancellation insurance. Check with us the conditions. Please note that the price of the insurance is not refunded once contracted in case of cancellation or modification.

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