A week of road cycling in Palencia, chose to stay in a Parador or a Rural house.

Details of a week of road cycling in Palencia
  • Road cycling
  • Advanced level
  • 5-day stay to choose from in Parador or Rural wooden Hotel
  • 352km y 4.390m+

Spend 5 days cycling in Palencia with your road bike to get to know the Palentina Mountain.

Choose to stay in a Parador or a Rural Hotel, ideal for cycling groups or clubs that want to do something different with all the comforts.

Do you have doubts about the trip?
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Do you have doubts about the trip?

5-day cycling stay in Palencia.

You sleep in the same place, and every day you go on a different bike ride.

What´s included

  • 5 nights accommodation in Parador Nacional or Rural Hotel
  • Half board (breakfast and dinner)
  • Track of the route for GPS
  • Briefing prior to the start of the activity
  • Souvenir bag when finished
  • GPS Navigation app access
  • 24h Telephone number

Optional not included

  • Road bike rental (consult)
  • Support vehicle (consult)
  • Accompanying guide (consult)
  • Travel Insurance (consult)
  • Transfers (consult)
  • Extra nights (consult)
What will you see discovering Palencia on a road bike?
  • Palentina Mountain
  • Low-traffic roads
  • Beautiful landscapes and spectacular mountain passes

Itinerary of a week of road cycling in Palencia

Sample of 5 proposed stages that can be customized

Day 1: Accommodation near PalenciaArrival at the meeting point at the first hotel (to choose between Parador Nacional or a charming Rural Hotel)

The day before the start, you will arrive at the first accommodation where you will rest at the end of each stage.

Day 2: Piedrasluengas61 km 850 m

Day 3: Ojeda – Aguilar75 km 870 m

Day 4: La Peña66 km: 745 m

Day 5: Olmos52 km 650 m

Day 6: Lakes98 km 1.275 m

Where you will stay

There are two accommodation options to choose from:

National Parador Pack. 5 days / 5 nights (half board).

Rural Hotel Pack. 5 days / 5 nights (half board).

Preguntas frecuentes

Solo soy una persona, ¿se puede reservar igualmente?

Si, este viaje se puede realizar de forma individual. Pero ten en cuenta que habrá un suplemento por habitación individual. Consulta con nosotros por si hubiera algún grupo organizado en esas fechas.

¿Se puede alquilar la bicicleta?

Si, este viaje se puede realizar tanto con tu bicicleta como con la nuestra. La puedes elegir durante el proceso de reserva, hay disponibles bicicleta de montaña tradicionales o eléctricas.

¿El traslado de equipajes diario entre los alojamientos está incluido?

Este viaje tiene un único alojamiento como base para todos los días. Después de cada etapa se vuelve al mismo lugar, por lo que no hay traslado de maletas.

¿Se puede cancelar?

Queremos ser lo más flexibles posible. Por eso, ante un imprevisto haremos lo posible para cambiar las fechas del viaje sin coste para que viajéis dentro del mismo año.

Y si te cambian los planes y quieres cancelar el viaje antes de la fecha de inicio, se aplicarán los siguientes gastos de gestión:

• con más de 30 días, los gastos de gestión serán el 20% del importe del viaje.
• entre 30 y 15 días, los gastos de gestión serán el 50% del importe del viaje
• con menos de 14 días, el importe a abonar será el 100% del importe del viaje.

Para tener más flexibilidad, recomendamos contratar un seguro de viaje, asistencia, RC y anulación con el que se puede cancelar el viaje hasta 24h antes de la fecha de inicio con un 10% de franquicia. Consulta con nosotros las condiciones. Ten en cuenta que el precio del seguro no se devuelve una vez contratado en caso de anulación o modificación.

¿Necesitas alguna aclaración más? ponte en contacto, te atenderemos encantados.
Frequently Asked Questions

I am only one, is it possible to book the tour?

Yes, you can book this trip even if you are only one.

Can I rent a bike?

Yes, a fully equiped bike is available for rent. You can select during the booking process.

Is the daily luggage transfer between the accommodations included?

This trip has a single accommodation as a base for every day. After each stage you return to the same place, so there is no transfer of suitcases.

Can I cancel the booking?

We want to be as flexible as possible. Therefore, in the event of an unforeseen event, we will do our best to change the dates of the trip at no cost so that you can travel within the same year.

And if your plans change and you want to cancel the trip before the start date, the following management fees will apply:

• With more than 30 days, the management costs will be 20% of the amount of the trip.
• Between 30 and 15 days, the management costs will be 50% of the amount of the trip
• With less than 14 days, the amount to be paid will be 100% of the amount of the trip.

To have more flexibility, we recommend contracting travel, assistance, CR and cancellation insurance with which the trip can be canceled up to 24 hours before the start date with a 10% franchise. Check with us the conditions. Keep in mind that the price of the insurance is not refunded once contracted in case of cancellation or modification.

Do you need any further clarification? get in touch, we will be delighted to assist you.